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Wild Routes finds ways where people can educate themselves in the natural world.

Wild Routes is a close-knit educational community that provides an alternative focus to the current education system, with a strong emphasis on the importance of nature in our development. Heavily based on the beliefs of unschooling, Wild Routes places the focus of learning back on the learner giving them the control needed to shape his or her own path.

There is no start or end to learning, it isn't a finite process confined within classroom walls. Rather, we are born with this powerful curiosity and desire to learn, and if given the space and freedom to grow, will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

My seven-and-a-half-month old son had his first camping experience on Wild Routes' Wild Weekend 2015 - and had an absolutely fantastic time!

Ruth Nunn

Freedom to learn is generally hugely underestimated. Learning takes all shapes and sizes, but during childhood primarily takes the form of play. We, at Wild Routes, understand the importance of unstructured play and all our activities and events are planned to be as unstructured as possible. We provide a safe, free environment where children can escape from the normal constraints of the world and lose themselves in the wilderness.

The most complex and perfect system to which we have access is our natural ecosystem. Being by far the most complex, it is a vital part of our development, especially in our early years, and yet we have a tendency to try and block it out altogether. Just by spending time in nature, however, and appreciating its power and beauty can increase our knowledge and understanding of modern systems many times over.

Learning is different from person to person: different things excite us at different times and different speeds. This passion should be nurtured and followed to the very end. We believe it is very important not to privilege certain choices over others, but to let the learner choose from what they are exposed to.

A rich age mix is also vital for learning to take place, by helping removing the learner-teacher barrier, it allows the learner to pick the right role model for them for particular areas. This allows a two way flow of information to build up, having benefits such as decreasing dependency on instruction, reducing the sense of competition and consolidating knowledge.

What we do

To that extent we run, and provide the basis for the development of projects, each being important in their own right, and which develop a depth and variety of experience and skills.

We have a committed and highly diverse team, that integrate seamlessly into our projects, keeping us moving forward and providing a vast contrast of know-how.

Being originally a family run organisation, we want to keep this family feeling alive amongst all our members and welcome all that wish to participate in any way or form.

It is impossible to detail everything here, but please do browse the rest of our site and do get in contact if you have any questions, or just want to say hi!