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The poetry of wheelbarrows
30th October 2017
What we are about – the first take!
15th January 2018

I have been toying with the idea of redesigning the site for a while now. What’s been putting me off is that it doesn’t receive an awful amount of traffic, and well, Wild Routes is mainly focused on the outdoors, so I didn’t want to spend lot’s of time building the right “online experience”.

But as I thought about it more and more, I decided that maybe is time to do it after all.

Wild Routes is all about the community: the people it is made up of, and the interesting stories and ideas they bring along. The Wild Routes summer events have been a huge success over the last few years, with the numbers steadily growing and everyone asking after the next year’s event as soon as they are over.

What is missing however, is something to span the gap between these events. Something to allow the continuation of idea and opinion sharing going. Something to allow everyone to share their experiences and to initiate their own meet ups or events.

The current website is very lacking in this respect. So this is where the new website aims to step in.

It will aim to be completely open from the ground up and it should be created by the community, and be for the community.

Of course this is no easy feat, and something that we take time to get right. This is where we officially invite you to get involved!

There are many different ways you can help, take a look at the three ideas below to get you inspired.

Let’s create something special. Something that we will all benefit from and love to use.

If you are interested get in touch using our contact form.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward is a freelance sound engineer and web developer currently based in Berlin. Having climbed his first mountain at an age of just 6 months, he has a huge passion for anything involving the outdoors and adventure. Doug is keen runner, cyclist, climber and kayaker. He is conscious of how important the wild is, especially in childhood, and interested in the role of free play in development.

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