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Hello… What Comes Next?!

Do you want to go on an adventure?
16th November 2014

So do we know what comes next for Wild Routes?

The drive to know and control what happens next is perhaps the dominant aim of materially complex societies.

George Monbiot

There are no doubt plenty of advantages in having come close to achieving this control, but we must not be blind to the new needs it has spawned. It comes, after all, at a price.


Firstly however, I would like to use this first blog post to say Hello to our current Wild Routes followers, welcome any new ones and I hope give some insight as to what to expect of our exciting project in the future.

So what does come next? Well, to be truthful, the diverse team we have behind the project and I, the founder of Wild Routes, don’t fully know yet what Wild Routes will develop into in the years to come.

Not quite what you were expecting to hear, right? But if we stop and think about this for a moment, then we realise that this should be perfectly normal for any organisation at this time. The importance of adaptability has never been as important as it is today in our rapidly changing world. We, at Wild Routes, feel it is important to recognise this, and to allow for the next generations to guide and shape us as a community so we can continue to be an exciting and happening place.


At home in Kent. As the second round of turkey and roast potatoes appeared on the table, the conversation once again turned to mom’s “troublesome” kids at school. Having four teachers in the family, it is no wonder that these kinds of topics quickly turn into heated debates. All of them, however, resolve in more or less the same way: for an ever growing number of children, the current educational system seems not to fully meet their needs. Some, perhaps most, children need something else, something other.

Fast forward a few months and first LLL (live, love, laugh), then Wild Routes (thank goodness!) entered the scene. We realised that the debates held at the dinner table were just the tip of a much more deep rooted and complex problem. As it is never a good idea to just patch a problem further down the line, we have decided to take a different approach.

Wild Routes - What comes next? - Be in control of YOUR timeline.

We are hoping to build a happening community based on YOUR passions and desires. With Wild Routes you are once again in control of your own timeline, pursuing the ventures you want to pursue. We already have many ideas for future projects, partnerships and adventures and of course we welcome any suggestions you may have. As I said in the beginning, the future is not set in stone and you can get involved right now to help create something truly special and worthwhile.

When asked to define Ubuntu Nelson Mandela said it rests on the question “are you going to do something to allow the community around you to improve?”

This blog will be used to document the exciting times had at Wild Routes, along with being a place to discuss current views and ideas and not to mention to present upcoming projects.
Warmest regards,
Douglas Ward – Founder


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Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward
Douglas Ward is a freelance sound engineer and web developer currently based in Berlin. Having climbed his first mountain at an age of just 6 months, he has a huge passion for anything involving the outdoors and adventure. Doug is keen runner, cyclist, climber and kayaker. He is conscious of how important the wild is, especially in childhood, and interested in the role of free play in development.

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